Who we are
We are ACC Belgium. The reason why there is no clear 'admin, steward, top dog, crew chief, race director, honcho, official, numero uno and or ringmeister' here is because we want YOU to be our 'leader' you wish you had. It means that you commit yourself to the CARE and SUCCESS of those around you. Trusting each other is what makes it WORK. To help facilitate that, change your nickname (left click your name) to the same in-game ACC name. So we can get to know each other more easily. To indicate where you are from, you can use the :flag_be: symbols to add to your nickname. http://www.i2symbol.com/twitter-emoticons If you are driving the n00b servers. (stay out) Please be extremely DEFENSIVE and careful. Don't ENGAGE in turn 1! The race is LONG. FOCUS on SURVIVAL rather than winning. To increase SA in a public server pick the slowest driver and stick to him like glue, drive next to him on the straights. STUDY your opponent. They can be FUN but actually require quite some SKILL. Please don't RETALIATE, insult and or get FRUSTRATED as it only makes matters WORSE. If people keep on CRASHING into you, please REPORT them here, we will investigate and give them a PINK car and number. (As perma-ban is impossible we must find ways to make it WORK) PINK cars can advance to custom #­čîłliveries. COMMUNICATION will be key. When there is a circle of SAFETY, the natural human reaction is trust and cooperation. When we do not feel SAFE in our own environment, the natural HUMAN reaction is cynicism, paranoia, mistrust and self-interest. The VISION of ACC Belgium is to have the BEST sim races in the UNIVERSE. The road to that goal leads to an infinite game. If you like to know what an 'infinite' game is please read this: http://smarturl.it/infintegame (pages 7-9) It is in our best interest to recognize that we are in an infinite game here. RACING just got a whole lot BETTER now that we have YOU in our midst. Thank you!